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10 killed in heavy rains in South China

10 killed in heavy rains in South China
Six people were confirmed dead and three others missing in South China's Guangdong Province due to natural disasters are triggered by the southwest monsoon, the local government said on Saturday (17/8). 

Earlier this week, four people were killed and four others missing in the province due to heavy rains and floods triggered by Typhoon utor.  Until 16.00 Saturday, more than one million people from 262 villages and towns affected by heavy rains caused by the monsoon winds, said Kematau Relief Headquarters and the Provincial Flood Control, Xinhua reported. 

He added another 109 300 people were moved to safety.  According to the headquarters, 70 650 hectares of farmland affected, while 1,936 houses collapsed. 

Heavy rains have disrupted transportation, so that more than 3,000 people trapped in Zijin County, local authorities said.  Ongoing relief efforts. Heavy rains expected to continue in Guangdong on Sunday, the provincial meteorological bureau said.


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