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Convey Sony PS4 Release Date

Convey Sony PS4 Release Date
Sony finally announced the launch date PlayStation4 console.

The latest generation of game machines from Sony will be available in North America on November 15, while fans in Europe can only get PlayStation4 on November 29.

Their competitors, Microsoft's new Xbox console manufactures One said that the console will be released in November.  Some experts said Sony's latest product will likely be re-raised again Sony name but the most important thing for them is the availability of game software.

This will determine superiority over its competitors Sony Microsoft.  "Sony has made remarkable progress as they prepare for the launch of the PS4, but the console is still not issued an exclusive game," said Rob Crossley, Editor on a site to review the game.  "In his press conference, Sony once again shows that the company has a good relationship with the community of indie developers .... But Sony executives are no doubt still feel uncomfortable seeing an exclusive list of the main game Xbox One continues to grow."  Sony says there are now more than one million people were ordered to get their consoles.

They say PS4 already can be found in 32 countries at the upcoming Christmas holiday season.

Sony previously said the former game CDs can also be played on PlayStation4.  Video game division of Sony print revenues of 7.5 billion U.S. dollars in the financial year 2012, or less than 10% of their total income.

Sony PS Vita realized sales made in the form of a handheld does not reach the target, so this adds to the pressure on him not to repeat the failure PS4 PS Vita.


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