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Chrome Will Make it easy Parents Monitor Kids

Chrome Will Make it easy Parents Monitor Kids
To make it easier for parents who supervise their children surfing the internet, Google is reportedly planning to embed models new account called "supervised account" to the Chrome browser makes. 

Supervised account is meant for children who like to surf the internet. To make it easier to control what content is consumed by children, parents can restrict access to the account, for example by determining which websites can be accessed.  To make it easier for parents supervise children, arrangements will be made ​​through account supervised remotely through a special web page. 

The presence of this feature in Chrome browser version of "Canary" (development version) is expressed by blog Browser Fame, according to The Next Web.  Chrome actually has long supported multi-account feature that allows multiple users using the same browser and use their own settings for each session.  Illustration user account

But, supervised accounts go further by imposing restrictions on the special account used children.  With demikain, expected that parents can control what be viewed by her baby on a shared computer, or in other types of devices.  It is possible that Google will also implement a similar feature in the Chromebook, a laptop-based Chrome operating system that is relied upon for the Internet giant's entry into the education industry. 

How it works is supervised account still has not revealed much detail because the Chrome team is still developing user interfaces, backend, and the overall process flow. But the arrival of the features that this one does seem worth waiting by the parents Chrome users.


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