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Windows Phone ahold 20 Percent of Indonesian Market

Windows Phone ahold 20 Percent of Indonesian Market
Three years after it was first launched in 2010, how the gait Windows Phone in the smart phone industry?

It turns out Microsoft's mobile operating system is successfully taking considerable market share in the three Southeast Asian countries.

At least that is what is claimed by the Vice President of Nokia Smart Devices Jo Harlow.  "In Thailand, of Indonesia, and Vietnam, we had just penetrated the market share of 20 percent with the Lumia, it is clear that the Windows Phone platform has become a significant player," said Harlow in CommNexus trade shows, as quoted from the site WMPower User.

Inclusion of the name of Indonesia in Harlow claim is interesting because Indonesia was once a stronghold of the BlackBerry.  Nowadays, the most dominant mobile platform in Indoneisa is Android with a market share reached 51 percent, according to data from the first quarter of 2013 from GFK.

Growth is driven by Windows Phone Nokia Lumia smartphone with a product that is based on IDC data accounted for 82 percent of the overall 8.7 million Windows Phone devices were shipped in the second quarter of this year.

According to IDC, Windows Phone market share globally has reached 3.7 percent, compared to control Android at 79 percent and Apple at 13 percent.

However, Harlow added that Nokia's market growth in some regions of the world, including western Europe, Asia, Middle East, and Latin America.

In two major U.S. markets and China, gait Windows Phone has not been too visible. "These markets are very competitive, but we have started to get the attraction," said Harlow.


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