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Reports of "street disorder" Available on Google Maps

Reports of "street disorder" Available on Google Maps
Last June, the company Google acquired social Waze GPS app with an astonishing value, which reached more than 1 billion U.S. dollars. Many have speculated about the motives behind the purchase of the company.

The answer now began to surface.  As reported by The Verge, on Tuesday (20/08/2013) yesterday Google announced the implementation of the road disturbance reporting features directly in Google Maps mobile application, similar to that found on Waze.  Meant the disruption can vary, such as flooding, road closures, or accidents. The purpose of reporting is to inform other users Maps in order to avoid problem areas. This feature is one hallmark of homemade Waze social mapping application.  In Google Maps, which is not a user event reporting software itself, but rather the user Waze.

So, every time a member Waze reporting an incident, Google Maps users can also view the report in realtime. However, the users of Google Maps can not give a report, just look at it.  This feature will be available to Google Maps users in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, France, Germany, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and the United States. Other regions will follow thereafter.

Reciprocal  In addition to "pick up" feature for use in software Waze map made, I also contributed a number of technologies for Waze community,  Google Search is now available for Waze users on iOS and Android, so that search results can be expanded.  Then, Google also added Street View and satellite images belong to Waze Map Editor to increase the accuracy of a map created by the user, as well as facilitate the repair process maps if errors are found.  Quoted from Tech Crunch, Google treatment reflects the worldview of the Internet giant recently purchased mapping company. Waze and Google Maps are not merged into a single product, but developed separately.  Waze works almost like a community-based product development division for Google Maps.

During the interrelationships between and the Waze Maps proceeded smoothly, users can continue to benefit both applications.


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