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Egyptian military surrounded the protesters at mosque

Egyptian security forces on Friday, surrounded a mosque in Cairo in which Muslim Brotherhood supporters hiding, with each side accusing the other of shooting, and officials said the Brotherhood. 

Siege of Al-Fath mosque in Ramsis area occurred in the late days of clashes between security forces and supporters of ousted president Mohamed Moursi that killed more than 80 people.  Security officials quoted by the official MENA news agency said there were "armed elements fired from the police and security forces in the mosque."  But the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) for the prevention Moursi appeal of "killing" the other after 578 people were killed across the country on Wednesday when police clearing protest camps set up by the loyalists Moursi. 

FJP said in a statement there are "thousands of people trapped in Al-Fath Mosque" and the shooting has been going on for "more than an hour without stopping."  FJP urged "anyone to do anything to make (security forces) back ... It is clear that there is an intention to repeat the massacre Rabaa," the group said, referring to the Masjid al-Rabaa Adawiya - the main protest camp loyalist Moursi where more than 200 people were killed on Wednesday.


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