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Italy remove travel warnings to Egypt

Italy on Friday issued a warning to its citizens traveling to Egypt, after days of unrest, and the tour operator estimates there are about 19,000 Italians who holiday in Egypt at this time. 

The Italian Foreign Ministry said in a web page that it reinforces previous warnings for deteriorating public security, AFP reported. 

The ministry warned that the Egyptian Red Sea resort, which has so far spared from violence, could be affected by general instability related unrest in the country. 

In a travel alert on Thursday, the ministry advised residents to remain in Italy holiday resorts and hotels as well as recommend to not go to a city like Cairo and Alexandria as well as areas in the southern part of the Sinai peninsula. 

Italian news agency quoted a local travel operator said the number of Italians in Egypt resort pekal increased from 5,000 in the year to 19,000 during the peak holiday season in Italy. 

But the head of the Italian federation of tour operators Fiavet, Fortunato Giovannoni said on Tuesday that there has been a decline of 80 per cent of Italian tourists in Egypt this year compared to the summer of 2012.


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